How Kitchen Area Rugs Will Add Color And Elegance To Your Kitchen

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Today, using kitchen area rugs to decorate the floor of your kitchen is a great way to add that extra touch of color to any area in your kitchen. If you choose the right kitchen area rug, you will be able to make the floor a focal point. Kitchen area rugs are available in different sizes, shapes and patterns to choose from. 

Tips For Using Area Rugs To Decorate Your Kitchen:

   1. Choose a rug that matches the decorating scheme of your kitchen. The rug you choose should be breathtaking and attractive. Select a red area rug that will complement the style for a Tuscan kitchen. Use a simple white rug with small floral designs for your country-themed kitchen. However, if your kitchen is sleek and modern, opt for an abstract or monochrome area rug to match the colors and angles of your kitchen.

   2. Combine and match different area rugs with colors and shades. You can have one in your preferred color or imitate the wallpaper, curtain shades, your crockery or the appliances. Include a dash of color to the warmest corner of your home.

   3.To prevent slipping and sliding while using the rug, tape the area rug to the floor from under the area rug. 

   4. Placing an area rug in specific locations earmarks exclusive areas visually. Use area rugs under the dining table to name it the “dining region.” You can also use it in front of the sink to refer to that area as the “washing spot.” Use an area rug in front of the cooking range to refer to that point as the “cooking point.” It will visually separate the areas making them different.

   5. The perfect place to lay your area rug in the kitchen is the area with heavy traffic. It reduces dirt on the floor, lessens the wear and tear of your area rug and protects the floor in that area with the rug taking it all.

Considerations For Choosing Area Rugs

The dirtiest spots in your kitchen are:

  • The front of the sink
  • The area in front of the cooking range 
  • The entrance to the kitchen. 

The rug can protect the floor, like washing mishaps, cooking disasters and the water sprays. You can wash it later on. However, there are some things you must consider before you choose an area rug for your home or kitchen. 

Let’s take a look at some of the things you have to think about when selecting the best floor mats. 

1. Check The Areas You Want to Lay The Area Rug

Where you want to lay the area rug should be your first consideration when you want to decorate your home with an area rug. The reason for this is, so you have a useful idea about the measurement and design. Use Acrylic nylon carpet in areas that have a lot of walking traffic, because they are generally heavier and safe for hand washing and cleaning. Also, select a style with earth tones. 

2. Dimension

Apart from the colors and shades, it is also important to consider the dimension of the space you have. Make sure you know the size of the area rug you want to use in your kitchen or other areas of the house to avoid wastage. Therefore, measure the section of the floor where you intend to put the rug. It could be a massive place that actually needs more than one-floormat, or has a specially designed kitchen area rug. 

3. Type Of Material

The type of material used to construct the floor of your home is also worth considering when looking for area rugs to decorate your home. Rugs are suitable for wood flooring as they help protect the feet as well. Thick wool carpets are ideal for relaxing near the TV as they keep you warm during winter and cool in summer.


When it comes to decorating your home, an area rug has many roles to play in the kitchen and your entire house. Its functions become more interesting when you follow the above guide to use your area rugs wisely to give your kitchen a new appearance.

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