An Area Rug Or Runner For Your Kitchen Will Add Some Comfort

Uncategorized / Friday, February 9th, 2018

The kitchen features hard surface flooring that is easier to clean spills than a rug. Decorating your kitchen with an area rug or runner is very important because this is where you spend a great deal of time, generally on your feet. Standing on a hard surface in the kitchen for an extended period could be aching and tiresome. Therefore, to alleviate the pain and add some comfort, you need to add an area rug or runner to the working area of your kitchen.

Nevertheless, when you are looking for an area rug or runner for your kitchen, there are certain things you must put into consideration to help you make the right choice that will add some comfort to your kitchen.

Here is how to get the best from your area rug or runner.

1. Don’t Use Natural Fiber 

Using natural fiber rug in the kitchen is not advisable because natural fibers don’t act affable to moisture, making repeated spills take a toll on the rug. Also, many natural fibers, except wool, are relatively rough underfoot. As a result, they do not tackle the need for comfort. On the other hand, wool is probably luxurious for a good number of people to put in an area prone to frequent torture in the form of splatters and spills, even though wool may be comfortable. It is, therefore, better that you go with synthetic.

2. Consider A Stain Resistant Area Rug Or Runner

It is most likely that stain resistance is the first consideration for a kitchen rug. Spills will inevitably happen, and you want to make sure your rug can be cleaned rather easily. Polyester is a highly stain-resistant fiber with no propensity for oil. It is the best fiber choice for a kitchen area rug. Polyester fiber is very resistant to soiling and staining.

3. Backing Rug

Be cautious of the type of backing rug you put on your kitchen floor because a lot of these so-called “kitchen and bath mats” available on the market today have backing types that can destroy your floor underneath. For instance, rugs with a latex orrubber backing can cause discoloration of a vinyl floor. Refer to going with the “safe to use floor manufacturer guideline products,” to make sure your rug will not harm your kitchen floor. Also, you can put a rug pad under the area rug, but make sure the pad material is safe for use on your flooring type.

4. Low Pile

A long, slack fiber construction is not the best selection for a kitchen rug. It is because this style of carpet can be somewhat difficult to clean when spills happen, as the spill runs freely through the fibers. Choosing a rug with a short, dense pile or a looped style is your best bet for the kitchen. Moreover, a commercial style carpet can be a perfect choice because commercial rugs are specially made to endure high amounts of dirt and traffic.


Your kitchen needs an area rug or runner to save you from the pains associated with standing on the hard surface of your kitchen for an extended period. To add some comfort to your kitchen, don’t use a runner with natural fiber, use a stain resistant area rug, be careful in your selection of backing rug and avoid a long, loose fiber construction. 

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